The Don Sheldon Mountain House (exclusive property page)

may be the world’s most spectacularly situated cabin. Perched on a 4.9 acre rock and ice covered outcrop located at the 5,800 foot level, in the middle of the Don Sheldon Amphitheater just above the Ruth Gorge, it is surrounded on all sides by towering granite walls and glaciers flowing off the flanks of Denali, less than 10 miles away. It’s used primarily from March through October by photographers, skiiers, mountaineers, and anyone who wants to get far away from the world.


EstanciA Ranquilco

At the foothills of the Patagonian Andes, the Estancia Ranquilco invites you to express your inner gaucho. With 100,000 remote acres, getting off the grid has never been so glorious. Explore the expansive landscape atop an Andean Criollo chosen specifically for your riding level. From your saddle, experience the golden grasslands, rugged cliffs, and verdant river valleys of the Argentine cordillera, while afterwards, cool off after a ride with an exhilarating dip in the Trocoman River as condors circle above.


Cozy Redwood Cottages on Communal Mendocino Farm

Just out of reach of the ocean fog, in the middle of a working communal farm, you will find the shanties of Pegasus Farm. Dubbed Sunlit and Om Garden by free spirited farmer and philosopher Steve who owns the property, the small cottages radiate relaxed hippy vibes.

The cottages are built from salvaged redwood and other recycled materials and offer guests quiet seclusion 4 miles from the storied Mendocino coast. Surrounded by abundant rows of veggies and fruit trees, guests can explore the two acres of lovingly tended gardens and taste its delights at their absolute freshest.


China Mountain House

Perched atop a secluded bluff in Port Orford, Oregon, China Mountain House is an idyllic visual contradiction: an art-filled, urbane loft besieged by towering trees and ocean surroundings. Designed by host Gary himself, the house is an architectural standout with its bright, airy interior and elegant, modern exterior. The contemporary, comfortable home offers a chance to unwind with its panoramic views of the rugged Southern Oregon Coastline.



The perfect getaway for two adventure-seeking souls. Nestled in the quiet and rural residential neighborhood of Tom Miner Basin, the cabin offers impressive views of the Yellowstone River, Emigrant Peak, and Paradise Valley. Reclaimed logs from the former Rock Creek Mill and old barns frame the rustic yet modern ambience of this home to two world travelers. Ellen is a Kiwi and Drew is a Montanan native. Between their international jobs and love of travel, they carefully crafted each square inch with local flare and worldly treasures.



Matungou offers a welcome home for those wishing to experience the iconic waves of the Northern Mentawai archipelago, Indonesia. You may dream of surfing iconic waves like Kandui, Rifles or Bankvaults. You may simply wish to escape to the crowds and surf one of many lesser-known surf spots. With just a coconut tree or two between your bed and our white-sand beach in Matungou Bay, it is a truly tropical island experience.


Fogo Island Inn

Perched atop jagged rocks of Newfoundland's Coast, Fogo Island Inn combines ultra modern architecture and meticulously local culture. The inn is at once radically contemporary and resolutely traditional. Built with the intent to create jobs and preserve the culture of Fogo Island, every detail of the Inn was meticulously planned. From the homemade quilts to the locally crafted barstools, everything within the inn has a story and a reason for being there. Everything is sourced as locally as possible, and supports the surrounding communities.

M/V Milo (Exclusive Property Page)

The M/V Milo may be the coolest way to explore the wild Alaskan coastline and its many hidden treasures. (We also think owner Mike McCune and Captain Scott Dickerson are two of the luckiest guys alive.) Built to withstand all the challenges of fishing the North Pacific Ocean, their boat is a badass 58’ Alaskan “limit” Seiner. Three and a half years into it’s restoration and re-fitting, the Milo is ready to be your Alaska adventure lauchpad, whether it's a surf trip, a SUP tour, or a working expedition.