Frequently Asked Questions

What is Untrodden?

We’re in search of a cure for boring travel and an antidote to the internet’s most common affliction: an overdose of options. Our users trust our taste — we do the hard work of selecting only the most extraordinary, off-the-beaten-path properties, and we make booking them as painless as it can be.

It’s our belief that booking a travel experience should be an exciting, delightful, and stress-free experience. So we endeavor to make the places we profile more accessible and approachable while respecting the unspoiled resources and unique culture that fundamentally make them so inspiring and appealing in the first place.

But Untrodden is much more than just another booking platform. Untrodden is about encouraging curious travelers to leave behind their daily routine, seek out the unknown, and recapture the connection with their surroundings.

We were all born explorers, hungry for new experiences and understandings. While the urge to see what lies around the corner or beyond the horizon affects some of us more than others, such a compulsion is a defining part of our human identity and must be nurtured. When we become less willing to explore novel experiences and/or become conditioned to stick with the familiar, we lose something powerful, magical, and irreplaceable.

Untrodden is about reigniting that spark. Read our manifesto to learn more about what makes us tick.

How are your properties curated?

Because researching the world’s best, “off-the-beaten-path” accommodations takes time, we’ve taken upon ourselves to design a rich and delightful digital experience that showcases the properties that appeal to the wanderlust in us all.

We start by looking for world-class, locally-inspired and unique properties and then select only our favorites, describing them with honesty, insight and handy tips, and stating our own opinions, including highlights and potential concerns.

While all of our curated accommodations are individually-distinct and range broadly across pricepoint, geography, and underlying experience, each embodies the following qualities:

  • Off-the-beaten-path: feels ‘beyond’ & ‘far away,’ regardless of its specific location;
  • Locally-inspired: is influenced by its surroundings and community, from its local climate and topography to its culture and heritage;
  • Harmonious: complements and is in harmony with its geography;
  • Personally-inspired: has a unique sense of character, personality, originality, and authenticity that reflects those behind the property;
  • Experiential: encourages guests to embrace and experience its surroundings;
  • Incependent: is independently-owned or operated;
  • Small-scale: is ‘small-scale’ in essence, retaining a personal, ‘handmade’ feel;
  • Unassuming: conveys a general attitude that is lacking in pretense;

I own a property, can I list it on Untrodden?

Thanks for your interest in listing with us. Untrodden seeks to encourage and facilitate the discovery and booking of unique and inspiring accommodations in “off-the-beaten-path” locales, near or far. Fundamentally, Untrodden properties serve as basecamps that enable a visitor to connect in a meaningful way with a landscape, a community, or oneself. Before starting your application process, make sure you meet our criteria.

If you recognize yourself in those criteria, head to our listing page and share a few details about your property with us. We will review your application and get back to you in a few days.

If you've already received an invitation to list with Untrodden, grab your invite code and head on over to our property listing portal.

Why should I list with Untrodden?

Untrodden is characterized by unique dwellings that represent more than just a roof and a bed. Hand-picked and curated, they are all individually-distinct, ranging broadly across pricepoint, geography, and underlying experience. Our listing process is by invite-only so that we can vouch for each and every one of our properties.

  • Free registration. Never any commitments. It’s risk-free to register, with absolutely no sign-up fees or subscription costs. We only charge a small service fee on those bookings we fulfill — a cost as low as any in the industry.
  • Reach the right crowd — the ‘anti-tourist.’ We’re builidng the go-to-resource for a unique audience of intrepid and curious travelers, hungry for local-centric and immersive experiences beyond the beaten path.
  • Stand out from the pack. We’re highly-selective, valuing quality over quantity. Tired of sifting through endless listings, our community trusts those we’ve handpicked to match their unique interests.
  • Easily sync your calendar with other sites. Currently listed elsewhere? Our calendar syncs with Airbnb, Homeaway,, and Tripadvisor, so that any Untrodden booking maps directly to your other calendars, and vice versa. No need to manage multiple dashboards.
  • Engage directly with guests. We celebrate and trust our hosts, basing our partnership on transparency and respect. So as to ensure a proper guest/host fit, we don’t preclude you from sharing your direct contact info with guests before or after a booking.
  • Be a part of something bigger. We dedicate 1% of all profits to conservation causes we admire to help sustain the very places and people that fuel Untrodden.

Check out the section below to see how we're showering our Founding Properties with even more amazing perks. But act fast! Our Founding Property program is only open through the end of summer, and will be capped at the first 500 properties on Untrodden. Request your invite here.

How do I become a Founding Property (and what are the benefits)?

Our Founding Properties are the first 500 properties to list with us before the end of summer, so request your invite now! We appreciate that you're taking a chance on us, and we want to repay your trust in us with some seriously amazing perks:

  • Professional writers from amazing publications like Outside Magazine and National Geographic will provide a FREE, custom write-up to highlight what makes your property special and ignite our travelers' wanderlust.
  • You get dedicated support from our tireless Untrodden team to walk you through the process of getting your property listed.
  • Your property page will boast an awesome Untrodden Founding Property badge, forever. That's right. FOREVER.

So join our adventure and list with us now!

How much does it cost to list a property on Untrodden?

It’s free to register, with absolutely no sign-up fees or subscription costs. We only charge a small service fee on those bookings we fulfill — a cost as low as any in the industry.

Can I list on Untrodden if I’m already listed elsewhere?

Absolutely! Our calendar syncs with Airbnb, Homeaway,, and Tripadvisor, so that any Untrodden booking maps directly to your other calendars, and vice versa. No need to manage multiple dashboards.

How does the listing process work?

Congratulations! You've been invited to list with Untrodden. Now what?

Once you’ve been invited, you will be able to start creating a property page by navigating to our property listing portal with your invite code in hand. First, you will need to share all the content we might need to create a beautiful property page for you. We’ve made it easy for you by creating a simple content editor.

Once submitted, our team of expert copy editors will make sure your property is portrayed at its best before publishing it.
And that’s it, you’ll then be ready to receive bookings.

How can I send feedback about Untrodden or report a bug?

Thanks for your willingness to help us out! We love hearing from our community about ways we can improve. If you’d like to send us feedback, you can email us at