Our story

Untrodden is fuel for wanderlust. An antidote to soulless travel.

While we love all types of travel, venturing 'off-the-beaten-path' to places out-of-the-way or overlooked by the masses invariably leaves the most powerful impression on us by facilitating a deeper, more personal, and more experiential form of travel, which we believe profoundly reshapes our relationship with the people and places we encounter along the way.

Through our own journeys, we've learned how daunting, time-consuming, and frustrating it is to research, discover, and book an 'off-the-beaten-path' place to stay, and felt compelled to act. For likeminded travelers, we constantly and thoughtfully explore the world for inspiring and original places to stay — both near and far — and have designed a marketplace to vet, showcase, and activate experience-rich properties that most appeal to our deep sense of wanderlust.

While our properties serve to inspire, nurture, and energize, they're far from insulating. Fundamentally, they're bridges to that which beckons beyond their walls — basecamps that enable a guest to connect in a meaningful way with a landscape, a community, an individual, or oneself so as to experience richly and deeply.

To learn more about what makes us tick, read our manifesto.

Curious and independently-minded. Explorers at heart who forego the mass-produced & homogenized in favor of unique, authentic experiences.
Highly-curated and experience-rich dwellings among roads-less-traveled. Much more than a 'roof and a bed,' each feels 'beyond' or 'far away', regardless of location.

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